How do we begin the process?
Everyone's needs vary and trailers come in many models and varying states of repair. The cost to rebuild, refurbish or customize a vintage trailer is as varied as your requirements.
If you are in possession of a trailer, I will need to see as many images as you have if you aren't physcially able to bring it to the shop so I may evalucate its condition and take pics.
I can possibly locate a trailer for you. I've done this many times and this might be the best option for you if your knowledge of vintage trailers is limited.
After we have arrived at specifically what you require, elevations will be drawn for your approval. In addition, a cost estimate and time frame will be presented. I require a non-refundable deposit for all work to proceed. We require this as we are a small specialized shop and we need a steady stream of work. Depending on the scope of the project, it may require anywhere from eight weeks to six months for completion.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.
Make no mistake, we build the finest vintage trailers in the Untied States. Rebulding Americana one rivet at a time.




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