"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly "

As I began to diassemble this trailer it became apparent that this thing was in need of major repairs. The trailer has a pretty good exterior. Very straight. with no signifigant damage aside from a dent in lower curbside. With the exception of two inferior replacement roof vents and removal of heater vent the exterior has no modifications.

Still sport'in split rims and two very rusted wheel covers

The interior was minus the original bathroom which was located to the immediate left of the entry door. I should note that this model is a "custom". All of the woodwork and interior wall surfaces were painted over several times. A victum of changing fashion over it's 50 year life.

As I began to remove the interior it became apparent that the entire floor needed replacement. Fore and aft there had been water entry. Someone's idea of a fix was to screw and glue on extra plywood over the damaged areas. The entire trailer had two layers of tile. I noted as the floor was finally removed exposing the frame that two crossmembers needed replacement. That completed, on to lay a new sub-floor. I prefer using marine-grade plywood.

removing two layers of tile [brilliant idea!]

Entire floor and 2 crossmembers need replacement after subfloor is removed exposing signifigant water damage.

lower portions of both wheelwells need repairs

Two new crossmemembers added at rear. Wheelwells rebuilt. Disinfected and powerwashed

Marine grade subfloor and sheet linoleum. Smells new again

Stripped and polished end cap over dinette

[rearward] new aluminum wall panels

new plumbing installed

new water heater. pump and water tank








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