NEW ITEM for 2012!!

In the late 40's and mid-50's Airstream installed aluminum storage lockers in their trailers. These offered light weight, strength and were most always painted. If you've ever tried restoring these, you know how difficult it is to remove multiple layers of old paint and most likely they were all scratched up, dented or had holes drilled in them. In our studio we got tired of trying to restore these and decided to make our own. For a limited time we are offering exact copies of the original overhead lockers. The best part is we can make custom widths so you can add more or replace damaged or missing lockers. These are made of .032 alclad aluminum exactly like the originals and riveted w/mounting holes punched. Each one is custom made in our studio and they are priced accordingly. They are not cut for the profile of the wall as all walls vary in profile and mounting height. You will need to use your old locker as a template or make one.

Pricing is 250.00 + shipping [does not include door]


Exact copy galvanized WHEEL-TUBS for vintage Airstream trailers. These fit all Airstream trailers with metal wheel-wells. These are heavier gage than the original factory wheel-tubs and are perfect for repair and restoration. [Will need to be trimmed to outside contour of your trailer's wheel well]


We can fabricate Wheel-Tubs for tandem axle models also.
please inquire


(early style) $375/pair + shipping to your zipcode
We now close the ends where the corners meet for better fit and against leakage.

(later model style, double axle) $475/pair + shipping to your zipcode


Punching 6" louvers as per your vintage trailer needs
Fantastic addition for ventilation of fridges etc. OR just because they look cool.
Pricing based on size and louver count




Exact copy EYE-BROW for vintage Airstream trailers. I decided to make available after so many requests. [Fabricated of .024  2024 T3 Aluminum]
You will need to flatten your old eyebrow and send it, as it's used as a template. Eyebrow profiles differ from model to model. This is the only way to get the right profile and fit. Requires three separate machines and operations to fabricate. The lip that contacts trailer is made a little wider from original for better rivet/screw fit.




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